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Our Vision & Values

Our vision is a reminder of what it is that we're doing when we turn up for work - regardless of our individual role in the HullBID organisation.

We know we play a key role in achieving this, but also recognise that we can't do it on our own. We need to work in partnership with other city stakeholder groups - as well as the business community - and our strategy reflects this awareness.

Actively Connected

We have a continual, open and honest dialogue with the BID businesses. Because of this, we really understand what our members need from us and everything we do is based on this understanding.

Astutely Collaborative

We believe HullBID is successful when its stakeholders work like a team. We bring BID businesses and organisations together and motivate people towards the common vision to achieve results that benefit everyone.

Purposefully Focused

We're focused on finding the right solutions to build a better future. We're passionate about finding new opportunities to help the HullBID businesses grow and prosper.

Measurably Driven

We believe in delivering results that can be measured. We understand that our businesses are our stakeholders and they need and deserve to see a return on the investment they make in us.