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Urgent – Hull BID renewal ballot halted. New ballot to take place.
Urgent – Hull BID renewal ballot halted. New ballot to take place.
09 September, 2011

It is with some regret we have to advise that on Friday 2 September 2011, Hull City Council (the official ballot holder) confirmed in a statement their decision to immediately halt the ballot process amongst city centre businesses which would have hopefully secured a further five year term for Hull BID.  We are writing to provide more information about the situation and about what will happen next.

After the ballot period opened Hull City Council became aware that a technical error with the database had created problems in identifying properties in the proposed BID area.  To ensure total transparency and to protect the integrity of the ballot, the City Council decided the only appropriate course of action would be to halt the vote and begin a completely new process.  Hull BID was subsequently informed and we support that decision; the process is now under way.

A statement from Hull City Council makes it clear that Hull BID is in no way responsible for the error which necessitated a second ballot and we will not be liable for any costs associated with the new procedure.  However I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to businesses for any inconvenience, and particularly to those businesses who have already returned their forms.

Hull City Council has now re-instructed independent scrutineers Electoral Reform Services to conduct the new ballot.  There will be no change to the way votes are cast and businesses should return their completed ballot papers to ERS using the envelopes supplied.  Only those votes that are returned will be counted.                                                                                                                                      

Timescales for new ballot:

Day     Action                                               Date

56        ERS receive Mailing List                         Fri 2 Sept 11

42        Statutory (Latest) Date: ‘Notification

of  Ballot’ letters go out to businesses                Mon 12 Sept 11

28        Statutory (Latest) Date: Despatch

of ballot papers to businesses                            Mon 26 Sept 11

10        Latest Date to Appoint Proxy                 Fri 14 Oct 11

5          Latest Date to Cancel Proxy                   Wed 19 Oct 11

4          Issue of replacements for lost

ballot papers                                                    Tues 18 Oct 11

0           Close of Ballot                                      Mon 24 Oct 11

-1          Issue of Result by 5pm                          Tues 25 Oct 11

We would urge you again to use your vote, and to vote yes to ensure the continuation of Hull BID and enable us to build on the significant improvements made to our city centre over the last five years. 

Should you require further information regarding the ballot process please contact Kevin Priestley at Hull City Council on 01482 300300.  If you wish to find out more about Hull BID's many successes and achievements to date or if you would like another prospectus, please contact Hull BID on 01482 324976 or email

View or download our VOTE YES prospectus.