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Upload your favourite piece of public art in Hull
Upload your favourite piece of public art in Hull
15 August, 2023

Residents and visitors to Hull can get involved in a massive art project, to document the public works of art across the city.

As part of an audit of the artistic treasures in Hull, the City Council and auditors Beam want pictures of hidden or neglected masterpieces, which can range from sculptures to graffiti.

Simply take a photo with your smartphone or camera, and upload to social media, using the hashtag #HullPublicArt – and don’t forget to tag @Hullccnews and @Beam_ArtsUK.

The findings will help to form detailed maps of permanent public art across Hull, and also help to note works that can culminate in city-wide public art trails.

They will also help to develop a public art plan for the city, which would aid the development of art in public places and spaces in the future.

Kath Wynne-Hague, head of culture and place for Hull City Council, said: “Public art means a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s art that’s in the public realm – so, it’s in your parks, gardens, down your street. It’s sculpture, it’s murals, it’s mosaics – it’s how art is included in the environment.

“We need to find out about all of the public art we have in Hull, so we need your pictures, to understand what’s out there, to help us conduct more research into the art we have in the city.”

Portfolio holder for culture and leisure, Councillor Rob Pritchard, said: “We are a forward-thinking city, with a huge sense of cultural identity, and public art is right at the heart of that.

“Art manifests itself across our streets and communities, and we see so much of it on the historic buildings in our city. We know that not only is public art interesting to view, it can also bring with it social, cultural and economic benefits.

“This process will also allow us to recognise the importance of works like memorial structures and plaques that document our city’s heritage and history.”

Members from HEY! Volunteering will additionally be out and about to conduct surveys about the public art in the city.

The work is part of plans to develop a new and forward-looking culture strategy for the city.

This is a continuation of the cultural ambition and development of Hull, which welcomed over 5 million visitors during the UK City of Culture year in 2017.

To find out more about art in Hull, visit Arts | Hull City Council