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Refit sheds new light on the luscious shop in Whitefriargate
Refit sheds new light on the luscious shop in Whitefriargate
01 March, 2011

Refit sheds new light on the luscious shop in Whitefriargate

If it’s the sweet smell of success you’re looking for then Lush has it by the crate full, and in any number of colours.

Soaps, shampoos and lotions excite the senses. They look good enough to eat but the clean, perfumed aroma indicates a different use. And there’s a variety of textures – coarse and smooth, solid and liquid.

The Hull store in Whitefriargate has been one of the city’s most eye-catching retail outlets since it opened in 2003. A major refurbishment – the first since the opening – created a whole new splendour first witnessed by guests at the recent re-opening.

“The Lord Mayor was here in all his regalia, there were a few other guests and it was all very, very nice,” said Jill Rowley, the store manager who has worked there for all but the first few months.

The result of the revamp is more space and more light. The team at Lush make better use of the walls for displaying products than before, leaving more space for customers to walk round and also enabling them to view more at eye level.

Most of the light is as natural as the products, pouring in through a huge skylight at the back of the store and giving a better view for all when it comes to demonstration time.

“The shop is far more accessible now and it’s much easier to do things like the skin care demonstrations,” said Jill, who heads a team of nine staff.

“It’s based on sitting round the kitchen table for a full skin and hair consultation and we couldn’t really do that before.”

The emphasis is on natural ingredients and sustainability, from the products to the packaging.

“The products are naked because we have issues with packaging,” said Jill.

“All the bottles we use have been recycled – it’s post-consumer waste.

“If people want the items gift wrapped we have things like some beautiful scarves that can be used afterwards – it’s up-cycling, because with most retailers the packaging is a just a waste. We offer products and packaging that literally don’t cost the earth.

“The customers love what we do and they love our new look. We’re the most luscious shop in Whitefriargate!”


24 Whitefriargate

01482 620987