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New Hull BID Support Officer makes his Mark
New Hull BID Support Officer makes his Mark
14 April, 2011

Calls from businesses for more help in the Old Town have been met by the appointment of a new Hull BID Support Officer.

Mark Andrews took up the post during January and quickly became well known among businesses of all sectors.

“I applied for the job because I love meeting people and I’m comfortable talking to anybody,” said Mark.

“It is even more enjoyable than I expected and in just a few weeks I’ve found out more about the Old Town than in more than 40 years living in Hull.”

Kathryn Shillito, Hull BID City Centre Manager, acted in response to comments from business people in the Old Town.

“They felt they needed extra support in that part of the city, where a lot of businesses are hidden away,” said Kathryn.

“Mark is the eyes and ears of Hull BID in the Old Town, getting to know the people who work there and dealing with any problems that may arise.”

On one occasion recently Mark responded to a call to Hull BID from a firm of solicitors.

“Some people were causing a problem near the solicitors’ offices so I went along and was able to persuade them to move on quietly,” said Mark.

“I’ve worked in security and in customer service over the years so I know how to deal with problem situations and with difficult people.”

Other duties involve liaising with Hull BID’s street cleaning team, patrolling car parks and keeping an eye on empty buildings.

“I’d heard of Hull BID but didn’t really know what it entailed until I started this job,” said Mark.

“Having seen what we do to help people, and how grateful they are for that support, I’m working hard to promote our services, so there’s an ambassadorial part to the job as well.”

Kathryn added: “It’s an important role. We need to find someone who was comfortable patrolling on their own and who could represent Hull BID, liaising with businesses in a professional manner. 

“Within a couple of days of Mark starting work we were getting feedback about him visiting businesses in the Old Town and Queen’s Gardens area. People are very happy with him.”