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Hull BID welcomes positive ballot result
Hull BID welcomes positive ballot result
01 November, 2011

The recent ballot to determine Hull BID's future came back positive with a majority in favour of continuing the services for a further five years.

Hull BID City Centre Manager Kathryn Shillito and Chairman Victoria Jackson MBE are pleased with the result, which they have communicated to members of the Hull BID Board and to businesses within the city centre.

They have expressed their thanks to city centre businesses who voted in favour and who helped raise awareness of BID’s many achievements. They have also urged those who voted against Hull BID to get involved and work to build on the improvements delivered so far by supporting a programme of activities over the next five years.

The result of the ballot is as follows:

Votes cast; 596

Votes in favour: 318

Aggregate rateable value: £33,517,300

Rateable value in favour: £21,614,950

The requirement for BID to continue was a simple majority of votes in favour and of rateable value in favour.

Kathryn Shillito said: “We are pleased with the outcome. It may be closer than many people expected but we have never taken anything for granted. We have worked hard to improve the city centre and we are pleased that businesses have recognised this by voting in favour.

“We have outlined a number of projects to bring further improvements to the city centre and further benefits to the business community and we look forward to delivering them over the next five years.

“We are very grateful to the large and small businesses who supported Hull BID’s campaign for a yes vote, particularly as these are difficult times economically. We maintain that the Hull BID levy represents good value for money and we would remind all levy payers that they have a say in how it is spent. We hope those people who oppose BID and who voted against will join us in helping to make the city centre a better place in which to do business.”

Victoria Jackson said: “As someone who has been in business in Hull city centre for the last 26 years I am pleased with the outcome of the ballot.

“A no vote would have been a sad day for the city as it would have taken away direct revenue and demonstrated a lack of confidence among the business community.

“It would have been nice to have had a higher turnout and a bigger majority in favour but we can’t second-guess the intentions of people who didn’t vote.

“The BID team has conducted a positive ballot campaign highlighting a record of real achievement while at the same time delivering the services that are bringing improvements to the city. That has taken a real effort and I would like to congratulate Kathryn and her team for all their commitment. The ballot outcome is no more than they deserve and is undoubtedly the right result for business.”

Photograph: courtsey of Hull Dail Mail - Hull BID chair Victoria Jackson MBE and City Centre Manager Kathryn Shillito.