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Hazardous waste cleared after action by BID Support Officers
Hazardous waste cleared after action by BID Support Officers
11 April, 2012


Hazardous waste cleared after action by BID Support Officers

Specialist cleaning staff from Hull City Council moved into action after Hull BID Support Officers discovered a city centre area littered with used hypodermic needles.

Now the City Council has issued a reminder to businesses – and to the general public – on how to deal with similar discoveries and general fly-tipping.

Hull BID’s Support Officers acted after a fence collapsed, opening up an area of land near Baker Street. They carried out an initial survey of the area prior to contacting the City Council's Neighbourhood Nuisance Team when they realised the litter on the site included needles.

The City Council worked in partnership with the Goodwin Trust Community Wardens and cleared the site of rubbish including 172 used needles. They are now working with Humberside Police to conduct regular checks in the area.

Justine Mortimer, Hull City Council’s Neighbourhood Nuisance Manager, said: “This case highlights the impact we have when we work in partnership with different agencies within the city. Our priority is to make the area safe to protect residents and businesses alike.

“This kind of work is ongoing between these agencies and with just one call from Hull BID to Hull City Council’s Neighbourhood Nuisance Team the area will be cleaned, made safe and will be monitored on a regular basis.”

The City Council warns that anyone who sees fly-tipping taking place should try to note the day, date and time and to also log a description of the people involved. If possible they should try and take photographs, but they should not make an approach.

If anyone discovers fly-tipped waste they should avoid touching it but try to take photographs and then contact the City Council with information about the location of the waste and whether any of it appears hazardous.

Anyone with any information about illegal waste can report it by calling 01482 300 300, emailing, or visiting