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From Vanilla to Vanessa via some Savile Row style
From Vanilla to Vanessa via some Savile Row style
09 July, 2012

The transformation of Hull city centre’s food and drink scene is continuing with a rush of new attractions and revitalised old favourites.  

From Vanilla in Ferensway to The Wilson at Hull Marina, pubs, cafe bars and restaurants are offering more upmarket options after major investment programmes. Les Pooley opened Vanilla in 2008 and reopened again in May after a major refurbishment. Les said: “We’ve stopped the counter service and we’ve got a more wide ranging menu. We’ve also put some booths in and there is much more of a bistro feel to the place.”

The Wilson doubled its capacity by opening its al fresco dining area in May, creating another 50 seats and proving a big hit as the warm weather arrived. Manager Vanessa Tomlinson said: “The fine weather really brought people out and a lot of the time we had more diners outside than inside, but at times we were completely full and that was great to see.”

Garbo’s Bar and Grill will open during July in Silver Street following a major refurbishment which has delivered a look and a style completely different from The Mint, which previously operated at the site. Savile Row Cafe Bar in Savile Street is another venue that has been transformed, with owner Vicky Fraser replacing the windows, ceilings and floors and even taking a wall out to make more space.

Alan Murphy has continued his commitment to cask ales with the opening in Scale Lane of WM Hawkes. Alan already operates Walters and the Lion and Key and said the new venue will promote the area as a destination for quality beer. He said: “We found when we opened the Lion and Key that it helped increase trade in Walters and we expect this to do the same for those pubs and for other bars in the area.”

 TASTEFUL REFURBISHMENT: Vanilla on Ferensway. Photogrpah by Chris Oaten (