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City centre businesses back Hull BID as ballot brochure sets out the benefits
City centre businesses back Hull BID as ballot brochure sets out the benefits
01 August, 2011

Download Hull BID' s Vote YES prospectus.

Businesses urge colleagues to back the BID for five more years

Businesses in Hull city centre are speaking out in support of Hull Business Improvement District (BID).

From major national concerns to small independent operators, business managers and owners are highlighting the importance of the services provided by the BID.

Ballot papers will go out this month inviting eligible businesses to support the BID for a second five-year term.

Also being distributed is a brochure setting out the BID’s spending record so far and its plans for the future in the event of the vote being successful.

The brochure examines Hull BID’s track record in making the streets of the city centre safer and cleaner, in improving the evening economy and the range of events to attract the public, and in providing better access and signage – all as promised before BID was established.

The brochure also includes testimonials from business people who recognise that Hull BID has delivered on those promises – and who fear for the future if voters reject a second term.

Business people have also contacted media organisations themselves to raise awareness of the benefits of BID’s services, and many of them have provided supportive comments which are included below.

 “Hull BID has a very small team and a lot of work to do, delivering the improvements that make the service so worthwhile,” said Malcolm Scott, Senior Partner at Scott’s Property LLP.

“Hull BID has become accepted as something we can rely on and as such it doesn’t get the respect it deserves. During the last five years the city has come on in leaps and bounds in an incredibly difficult market and the money we pay for a clean and safe city centre is a bargain.”

 “The alternative to having a BID in Hull would be unthinkable,” said Jo Roos, of Segal’s jewellers in Paragon Arcade, Hull.

“I was against the BID when it started but I have changed my mind after looking at the alternatives. The streets are much cleaner now and to go back to a mucky, horrible city is not a nice thought.

“We all need to spread the word about what a good job BID is doing. It makes no sense at all to vote against it.”

If you have any questions about the ballot process – and if you have yet to receive a copy of the brochure – please contact Hull BID using the details below.

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